Robert Klingenfus

France – Alsace

Having been a fan of Klingenfus wines for some time, it was a great honour to taste with the man this year at Prowein in Dusseldorf. Alsace can be amongst the most misunderstood and misrepresented regions in the entire world of wine. At their best, the dynamic soil, and the centuries old winemaking tradition and the unique micro climate produce focused and finessed wines with age-ability unlike any other white grape region on the planet. Spending time drinking through the range of his wines, it is evident that Robert is fiercely proud of the wine and the region, and is determined to ensure their place in the most discerning cellars in the world of wine.

Robert is not interested in merely selling his wine. Rather, he wants his wine sold by people who genuinely appreciate a craft that is over 125 years in the making. It was an easy partnership.
A fourth generation winemaking dynasty forged in 1884, their vineyards cover 20 hectares in Molsheim. Dominated by limestone pebbles with a sprinkling of clay, their property includes the Grand Cru Bruderthal Vineyard. The resultant wines are equal parts opulent and balanced. The fruit comes in abundance courtesy of the south facing slopes, and the vinification focus on achieving piercing acidity creates a wonderful harmony in the glass, from their Signature Series, right through to the Grand Cru line. Character in layers and a racing acidity behind every bottle that keeps you coming back for more. Since 2000 the property has been farmed organic and sustainable, and remains steadfast as a family operation with a focus on marrying traditional farming with modern vinifcation standards.

A master of his craft. Passion married with a stubborn persistence to make wines of true quality, rather than chasing the style de jour. We are proud beyond mere words to welcome The Wine Merchant’s first exclusive French producer, Robert Klingenfus.

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