Corte Dei Venti

Italy – Tuscany

A young family operation with historical roots, Corte Dei Venti is an absolute marvel to behold. Situated due east of Sant’ Angelo in Colle, the southernmost commune of the Montalcino DOCG, their majestic property traces its roots back to the 13th century as an agricultural settlement. Operated by Clara Monaci, whose grandparents purchased the farm in 1943, the winery began with her parents planting a mere 5 hectares of the property’s immaculate rocky red clays in the 1980’s. While small, the site gifts a breathtaking 200 metre variance in elevation over these 5 hectares, which provide a dramatic setting for these wines to come to life. The site even includes a famed old tree in the middle of the vineyards, that is protected by UNESCO Heritage status.

Every aspect of this small, family operation is done in traditional methods, entirely by hand. The result of this special place, and the focus on staying small and precise in their operation, are wines of distinctive class and calibre. Highly expressive wines, bursting in flavour, yet structured to last.

A day on their farm sees the entire family pitching in along with the small staff, from Clara’s husband Maurizio to their young daughter Elena, whose adventures through the day invariably brings her back to sorting through the variety of rocks throughout the property, leading one to think there is a good chance the family has a 4th generation in cue to cultivate this incredible place. While livestock has been fazed out of the farm for over a generation, they still honour the ancient Tuscan tradition of maintaining olive groves alongside the vineyards. Their 3 hectares of Olive production are harvested young, and are cold pressed, resulting in the most vibrant Extra Virgin Olive Oil I have had the pleasure of enjoying over Bruschetta.

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