Italy – Umbria

Perched atop the tiny village of Sant’ Enea on the outskirts of Perugia, the gentle slopes of this estate have been planted to grapes for centuries dating back to Etruscan times. Overlooking the historic communes of Assisi and Todi, the enchanting panorama is merely the prelude to the magic at work around the old stone farmhouse. Three generations of the family have built Cantina Chiorri into a world class wine facility focused on uniting ancient traditions with modern technologies to deliver a wine built for the Umbrian lifestyle of genuine flavour.

It was Antonio Chiorri who 3 generations ago shifted the mixed agricultural production of the estate entirely to grapes. Nowadays the winery is steered by grand daughter Monica and her husband Francesco. His orientation in engineering (Francesco spends his off time teaching engineering and math sciences at the University level in Perugia) has allowed him to transform the winemaking facilities into a sustainable, gravity fed and organic operation that remains focused on maintaining the lowest possible carbon footprint. Yet amidst the technological innovation, they remain steadfast in the traditions of the regions, including doing 100% of the vineyard work by hand. Even more impressive, they are leaders in the regional sales of traditional jug wines. Commuters from as far away as Tuscany converge each weekend upon the estate to fill their jugs for bulk wine, as they have for centuries. Unlike their peers in this traditional method, the wines for jug purchase go through the same barrique treatment as their bottled wines, a level of commitment to quality that is unmatched in the category.

Speaking of their impressive bottled line of wines, their commitment to providing the best value for money in Italian wine has not escaped the notice of the big names in the world of wine, receiving the highest accolades from publications such as Decanter and Wine Spectator. Built in recognition of a bottle of wine as a living entity, their wines are fermented using entirely natural yeasts, are never filtered nor stabilized. This painstaking and devoted process results in wines dedicated to showcase the aromas and flavours of the Umbrian countryside.

All of this can be experienced firsthand in their accommodating guest house, built from the renovated farmhouse that originally housed the family. In the Umbrian tradition, the original building was built outward as each new generation expanded their families, so that they could all live together working the land. Today, Monica and her family have transformed their former home into the most charming country house, where their guests can enjoy all aspects of Umbrian life, from cooking classes to grape harvests and everything in between.

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