Chateau La Bretonniere

Bordeaux – France

In 1992 Stephane Heurlier arrived in Bordeaux, having abandoned the safety net of his family cereal empire in Northern France. He came in search of a new frontier to challenge him outside of a comfortable life back home. He purchased this 17th Century estate in Blaye and along with some help from a 25 year, 1er Cru Classe winemaker from across the Gironde in Pauillac, began to make his mark in the world of fine wine.

The fifteen hectares of primarily gravel and limestone, is tended meticulously by Stephane, in his singleminded devotion to producing quality Bordeaux at a reasonable price. He wastes little time in fancy promotional materials or social media presence, instead focusing his time to the wines and his resources to the estate, with the highest calibre barrel program.

No stranger to the awards panels of such showcases as the Concours De Bordeaux, and Challenge International Du Vin, Chateau La Bretonniere has also been recognized for selection by Wine Enthusiast. Not bad in 20 years for a stranger in town. With his steadfast commitment to excellence and value, one cannot help but muse that the best is yet to come.


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