Big Head

2012 Ontario Winemaker of the Year, Andrzej Lipinski has been one of Ontario’s pioneering visionaries for decades. His journey through such esteemed producers as Vineland Estates, De Sousa, Organized Crime, Megalomaniac, Foreign Affair among others, as well as his current duties as winemaker for Colaneri, Burning Kiln and Cornerstone have seen him behind the wheel of most of Ontario winemaking’s best innovations. It was at Megalomaniac where he perfected the use of cigar barrels, to maximize contact through surface area. His use of tobacco kilns to dry fruit has seen the integration of Venetian appassimento techniques into Ontario wine, venturing into even newer ground by using this approach with white grapes. His chase of perfection has led him to purchase a WineScan lab for his newest venture, his first as owner, with Big Head Wines, on the Cornerstone property in Beamsville.

All of his collective innovation is at last on display together at Big Head. Envisioned as a virtual winery, where some of Ontario’s other winemakers can collaborate without bearing the financial pressures of sole proprietorships on their salaries as winemakers, Big Head is not only about Andrzej’s vision, but the overall growth of Niagara wines as a category.

No expense is spared in every aspect of the operation, right down to the best corks that money can buy. This is important as many of Andrzej’s wines are built for the long haul. Big, aggressive, ripe and layered in ways that are unparalleled in the entire world of wine, these are wines that single handedly trumpet the arrival of Niagara wines into fine wine category.

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